Welcome to the Edge City 2.0 project hub!

Join us over the course of 2022 to consider the possibilities for Perimeter Center’s next chapter.

Edge City 2.0 will result in a blueprint for strategic growth in the Perimeter Center district. It will define the preferred future of the area based on collective input from elected officials, the Dekalb board of the Perimeter Community Improvement District, major property owners, governmental partners, community members, and you! The plan will focus on activating Perimeter Center—with greenspace, mobility enhancements, and more—for residents, area workers, and visitors to enjoy.

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Project Goals

  1. Build a community-supported vision for Perimeter Center that reflects current conditions and 20-year build out.

  2. Identify transportation investments that provide for safe movement of pedestrians, bicycles, and transit in, through and around the Perimeter area.

  3. Develop case studies of comparable edge cities that provide real world examples of what the district could look like under chosen growth scenario.

Planning History

The Edge City 2.0 advances the vision for the Perimeter Center character area identified in Dunwoody Next, the City’s 2020 – 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Dunwoody Next envisioned the Perimeter Center area as a more walkable, connected, and livable regional center. Edge City 2.0 carries the vision closer to fruition via focused visioning and scenario planning. We will explore a range of planning choices and their potential outcomes, in effect “trying out” where the different scenarios might lead the community.

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Project Roadmap


Review draft concepts and provide feedback!